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Porcelain Fused to Metal

Porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations continue to serve as one of dentistry’s primary restorations. Its versatility allows us to create restorations for virtually all indications. The foundation to a functional and esthetic PFM is an accurate die trim. All of our dies are trimmed under magnification, and then expertly waxed and cast to allow for optimal porcelain support. Technicians then layer porcelain to achieve just the right amount of chroma, luminosity, and transparency. The result is a natural looking crown with complete functionality.

Product Highlights

  • High strength
  • Available in a variety of alloys
  • Wide variety of restorations


  • Conventional

Ideal Preparation

  • Chamfer
  • Shoulder
  • Feathered Edge


  • Anterior & Posterior Crowns
  • Anterior & Posterior Bridges
  • Maryland Bridges
  • Telescopic Copings